Retirement Planning

Whether you are accumulating assets for retirement or currently retired, Flagship Private Wealth can help create a strategy designed to provide a comfortable retirement lifestyle.

  • Can I afford to retire now? If not, when?
  • What should I do with a previous employer’s retirement plan?
  • Can I rollover my 401k to an IRA and take money from it?
  • Will there be penalties and taxes if I take money from my 401k and IRA?
  • How do I generate an income from my investments?
  • How long will my investments last if I take withdrawals?
  • How do I pay taxes on the money I take from my retirement accounts?
  • When should I take my Social Security benefit?
  • What survivorship option should I select on my pension?

Products : Rollovers, Traditional IRA’s, Roth IRA’s, SEP and Simple IRA’s, Fixed and Variable Annuities, Inherited IRA’s, 403(B) and 401(k) plans, Roth Conversions, Required Minimum Distributions, Retirement Income Strategies