Holiday Money Tips

The holidays are fast approaching and for many consumers this can be a stressful time of year. Remember- it does not have to be! Here are some tips to help you spend less and enjoy more this holiday season:

Make a Gift List & Check it Twice!
Create a gift list of the people you want to buy gifts for ahead of time. Set a total budget for this holiday season. Then break down the budget one step further by each person’s gift allotment. Once you have a clear budget, it is so much easier to spend less!

Take Advantage of Cyber Monday
I am personally not a big fan of Black Friday, especially since over the years I have noticed how it continues to start earlier and earlier creeping into Thanksgiving day. I much rather enjoy spending Thanksgiving with family all day then stand in line (disclaimer- I really dislike shopping). But I do believe that Cyber Monday is a good option. Less hassles, no lines, and great deals for some of the bigger ticket items you plan on purchasing available right online. Many companies are starting to announce their deals now, so do your research sooner than later!

Opt for a Gift Exchange
For extended family and friends, instead of everyone having to buy  each other a gift, agree to a gift swap. With a swap, each person only has to buy one gift and the giving is made into a fun activity (such as a Yankee Swap). My family has participated in a Secret Santa the past few years and it is a lot less stressful than having to run around to buy every member of our family a gift. I am all about gifting, but make it stress-free gifting!

Remember what the holidays are all about. You do not need to buy hundreds of presents to have a merry holiday season. A thoughtful gift (big or small) is much appreciated. Plan ahead so you have time to thoughtfully make purchases. Also look into fun do-it-yourself ideas for gifts!


Giana C. Armano
Financial Advisor
Flagship Private Wealth
Women & Wealth